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Asiatic jasmine is an evergreen, vine-like woody plant that is commonly used in Florida landscapes due to its hardiness and drought tolerance. Native to Japan and Korea, Trachelospermum asiaticum is a low maintenance groundcover that is great for mass plantings and turfgrass alternatives. In shady areas, it also provides needed texture and variation.

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Question: We are going to plant a bed of Asiatic jasmine in a previously mulched area. Should we remove the pine-bark mulch before planting? Answer: A thick mulch might help keep down the weeds and conserve water, but it also will restrict the Asiatic jasmine shoots that help fill in the bed.

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Post pictures of your garden or share landscaping ideas. Asiatic jasmine or Trachelospermum asiaticum is almost maintenance-free. It belongs to the group of rolling groundcovers.

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Find Your Cold Hardiness Zone. Ground Covers are low-growing plants used in the landscape to cover large areas of ground. They are often used to create blankets of foliage in and around shrubs and trees to unify the landscape or as a filler between stepping stones.

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Ground covers are a popular alternative to lawn grasses. They require far less maintenance mowing, watering, fertilizing than grass and are an important part of sustainable landscaping. Ground covers can reduce maintenance, beautify problem areas and add a new dimension to your landscape.

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Asiatic jasmine is a classic favorite for South Florida, a superb groundcover that likes both sun and shade. Tough and great-looking when well cared for, this jasmine rarely flowers but forms a blanket of foliage to set off large plants. These plants do require routine maintenance - keeping the planting area edged and snipping off an occasional wayward shoot that tries to climb.

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Skip the skirt when mowing Asiatic jasmine -- the plant's sap irritates exposed skin. Asian jasmine Trachelospermum asiaticum has plenty going for it as a ground cover. It's evergreen, is ignored by both insects and deer, and requires only a once-annual trim to form a dense carpet of foliage.

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Asiatic Jasmine has been a great ground cover here in NC. I planted it several years ago on a steep ditch bank alongside the street where erosion was a problem and mowing was difficult. It quickly spread out into an eight inch deep green carpet and is relatively easy to control. That said, it did have plenty of room to spread out and I have not noticed it climbing any nearby trees, and it's been growing in that spot for ten years now.


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