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A little while ago we found six girls to answer a number of questions boys had asked regarding female masturbation. And yes, things did get interesting. Henry, 18, single; Sam, 20, in a relationship; Josh, 21, single; Andrew, 22, single; Cameron, 23, single; Harry, 25, single; Davey, 27, single; James, 27, married; Joe, 28, in a relationship; Trevor, 35, newly single; Steve, 50, married; Nigel, 51, married some names have been changed to maintain privacy.

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At a certain point, they reached a part of the cave that was pitch-black. They never spoke of it again. Brandon self-identifies as straight.

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Yeah I used that. I poured most of the water out the slipped it up inside the bag, the way it wiggled felt unreal. I would take in the shower and use it with the showerhead.

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When the feeling strikes — you know, that lonesome, need-a-lover feeling — sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands. Yes, we're talking about masturbationand shame on you for scoffing. Pleasuring yourself is percent natural, folks, although tiptoeing around the subject is to be expected.

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So I went out to the beach alone with some iced coffee and just relaxed. I was kind of half asleep and there was no one else out there. Then I ran into the ocean to clean up.

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To that end, most of us develop our own unique masturbation techniques as we organically and literally feel our way through the process. Do women gently touch themselves as they lay sprawled across the silkiest of satin sheets, a wind machine blowing their perfectly coiffed locks of luxurious hair as a hand daintily pleases her carefully groomed lady parts, lip gloss coated lips parted just so? Because I once tried grinding myself up against a pillow in order to bring myself to climax, and when I told a girlfriend of mine about it her response was, "Becca, that's nothing.

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Earlier this week, a British woman made headlines for causing a minor traffic accident when she crashed her Mini Cooper into a seafood delivery truck. The culprit? Her Rampant Rabbit sex toywith which she was pleasuring herself while driving her car. Thankfully, she only walked away with a traffic citation and a bruised ego.

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Seriously, why is there no female version of the masturbation scene in American Pie? That minute of cinematic magic normalized the bizarre masturbation habits of guys everywhere. Now, it's time for ladies to embrace that same desire to get freaky however they please.

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Why do some people masturbate in weird places? For starters, the thrill of getting caught while pleasuring yourself can make your orgasm even more intense. Masturbating out in the open may also help you clear your mind — especially if you're getting off at the office or doing it right before class. Plus, it makes a long car trip or plane ride much more bearable.


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