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Santa Maria, RS, Brazil. The objective of this study is to identify the primary health care nurses' concepts about sexuality, and how this theme is integrated within the health care practices of these professionals when working with breastfeeding women. This qualitative, exploratory and descriptive study was performed with eight nurses from three primary health care units in a city in the north region of Rio Grande do Sul state.

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Besides almost killing me no, seriouslyruining every single bra I have ever owned, gifting me with an additional twenty pounds I am still trying to lose, and leaving me with strange post-breastfeeding traumatic stress letdown syndrome where I still anxiously clutch my boobs every now and then, horrified that I am leaking milk at randombreastfeeding kind of sort of ruined my love life with my husband. About two months ago, I weaned my youngest daughter and fourth baby. And for the past eight years, he has half-heartedly listened to me, but mostly just thought that our lives as busy parents of four were pretty normal and that a somewhat lackluster bedroom life was part of the whole package.

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I have a skewed vision of marriage, because for me, marriage and parenthood burst onto the scene together. In this particular stage of parenting, the kids are the primary focus, taking up the bulk of my mental, physical, and emotional energy. It has crossed my mind that maybe — just maybe — I am doing myself, my marriage, and my children all an extreme disservice by placing my relationship with my husband on the back burner, assuming that this stage of parenting is something we just need to get through before we can focus on each other again.

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New mothers in the Philippines spend more time in the bedroom with their partner in the first few weeks after giving birth than they did before they became pregnant. This might be a type of survival strategy to keep the relationships with the fathers of their new babies alive and well, to ensure continued support for their offspring. So says Michelle Escasa-Dorne of the University of Colorado in the US, after studying how women from a society with a low divorce rate such as the Philippines adapt to being both mothers and lovers.

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Fat, pink, and mewling, June was my first baby. Like a lot of new moms, I assumed that feeding her from my body would be as simple as inserting my breast into her perpetually open mouth. So when she clamped onto my nipple, twisted her head vigorously ouchand started mewling again, I was surprised and slightly panicked, dread starting to twist inside my stomach.

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Leaking milk, constant feedings—no wonder you're not in the mood! But you can reclaim some of the pre-baby passion. It was late at night, and our 4-month-old son was up for his last call at the milk bar.

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They have a clear affection for each other, touching each other gently on the shoulder when one says something the other appreciates and often looking at each other lovingly throughout conversation. Their respect and adoration for one another comes through even over a Skype call from their home in Queensland, Australia. Their home appears cozy and comfortable, and Garett works long hours while Ellie stays home and tends to household needs.

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T here are certainly lots of good criticisms to be made about attachment parenting and probably lots of interesting things to say about the impacts of long-term breastfeeding on a marriage, but "Eew breastfeeding is gross" is not one of them. As Amanda Marcotte points outthe problem here is the sexless marriage, not the breastfeeding. And the root of that problem seems to be that James Braly sees sex as something for men. As Amanda puts it:.

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Illustration by Eleanor Doughty. Atlanta resident Jennifer Mulford does not look like someone the Daily Mail would describe as the "woman who shocked the world," save one detail: She likes to breastfeed her boyfriend. Fetishes, for the most part, aren't all that shocking anymore; you can read about anal sex on Buzzfeed and get BDSM tips from Women's Health.

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First, let me congratulate you on breastfeeding your baby. It's exciting that American women are getting better at breastfeeding—about 70 percent of babies are breastfed in the hospital. After six months, 33 percent of those babies are still nursing, with 17 percent of babies receiving breast milk exclusively.


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