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Many people consider Shih Tzu dogs to be a non-shedding dog breed, and that they are "hypoallergenic dogs" Well…although the Shih Tzu are indeed a great pet choice for allergy sufferers, to say they are a non shedding dog breed isn't entirely accurate. Shih Tzu are among the few breeds whose coat is made up of hair like people instead of fur, but they will shed their hair daily, just as people do.

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The Shih Tzu is an adorable breed with a fascinating history and irresistible look. And while many breeds with hair will grow their hair out in one single layer, the Shih Tzu actually maintains a double coat. Furthermore, his long hair can be very prone to matting and tangles, and loose hair can be prone to getting stuck in the undercoat, especially during shedding season.

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Shih Tzu Hairstyles — One of the good things about having a Shih Tzu is having the opportunity to decide what hairstyle they are going to wear. Unlike other dogs that mostly have short hair or fur, the hairstyle options for a Shih Tzu dog is endless. If you are a person who likes to create things, grooming your own Shih Tzu can be very fulfilling.

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The denser thicker the undercoat, the fluffier the dog appears. Is this really necessary? Can a dog survive summer with his coat left intact?

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Want the best and the most stylish cut for your dog? Of the s of Shih Tzu haircuts, it is difficult to know which to select. It gets Even more complicated because some styles are for winter others for summer?

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T he Shih Tzu is known for its small size and silky, long hair. The dog's luscious locks, however, will quickly become matted if left ungroomed, and severe mats can be painful for the dog and provide a breeding ground for bacteria and parasites. If you've never groomed your Shih Tzu yourself, consider taking her to the groomer for a lesson.

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Although Shih Tzus keep themselves relatively clean, [1] they still need to be bathed on a regular basis—even more so if they get into something smelly or soil themselves on accident. Your Shih Tzu puppy may not be so fastidious with keeping himself clean, so it will be important for you to know how to bathe him properly. With proper preparation and good bathing technique, bath time will be an enjoyable experience for both you and your puppy!

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Call us: Become a Free Member. Recommended Breeders.

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Dog Breed Guide. Cat Breed Guide. Pet Health Conditions.

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The shih Tzu is a great little family dog with a loving personality. They are described as being very lively, alert, loyal and affectionate. They love their humans and children alike, being very spunky and playful. The shih Tzu is a furry little bundle of joy requiring a lot of grooming since their hair grows continually.


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