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Just for some pussy or ass? Posted - Mar 7 : AM Its gay if the guys are getting off on each other mentally and not the girl. I think the op is gay as fuck! Posted - Mar 7 : AM The double anal is inside the asshole of a girl, right? It's about pushing the female performer to her boundaries. Posted - Mar 5 : AM I do not think it is gay at all but rather just another sex act that a significant number of heterosexual men enjoy watching not me and I do not believe that the guys doing it think that it is gay either. Posted - Mar 5 : PM Ma meeshka nailed it

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Kensley. Age: 24.
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One pulls out of her ass and comes all over the other guy and the other guy pulls out and splatters the one on top.

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I'll add that "double anything" with a woman on the receiving end may make you bisexual , not necessarily gay. Are they lusting after the girl - if so they are heterosexual, or are they lusting for one another - if so they are homosexual. Posted - Mar 5 : AM Yawn

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