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Wednesday Aug 12, at am. Other actually female-friendly things have more to do with the writing e. Scientists are just godless liars! Do I have to respect a creationist for teaching faerie tales? As you may have guessed, I am a creationist. And I do occasionally use male avatars as eye candy, but only if the model is pretty good, and only in games where I spend a significant amount of time in 3rd person mode.

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Briella. Age: 26.
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There was a mod for Morrowind that provided higher definition humanoid models that were also nude.

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Bridget. Age: 29.
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8. Fallout 3

There tends to be more significant variety in the guys. There are other mods out that attempt to address this problem. At least, not enough to drop into an article without needing a half dozen qualifying asterisks. It included an option to have have build in underwear for the male models but the selection box for doing so was extremely mocking of this choice.

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