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I was all good and excited and thrilled to read this article until I stumbled onto that section about that fanfic. In their attempt to be the first to reveal a much-rumored part of her, they dangled a juicy carrot in front of her face: her face, actually, on the cover of the magazine. They are, in part, a character. In , her orientation was publicly confirmed when it was announced that at age 73, she would marry her long-time partner, writer Jane Wagner 77 at the time the same year. Whoa, Lily Tomlin came out before !

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In that moment I could literally hear my childhood crash, burn and DIE.

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Frizzle is to blame for tricking me into becoming a science teacher. An interesting notion to consider, as witches historically rode their broom as a means of absorbing a potent herbal concoction through the mucous membranes of the vagina. You may be asking yourself what exactly makes Ms.

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