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Anyway, I have been successfully been in NC since then.. Whenever you feel like you are getting anxious regarding a situation involving your Ex do something to take yourself out of your own mind until you are able to view things logically. I would appreciate very much if you could kindly pass on my comments to Elphie if you have her contact information. While it is tempting to give in to the physical desires that you and your Ex may feel, this will only result in a Friends With Benefits situation and will leave him with nothing to chase after. Vicky January 30, at am. He admits it was a mistake. He initially blocked me on Facebook then unblocked me 2 days later.

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Why would he go out of his way to like it?

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Here's what you should actually do with those photos of your ex on your social media

Cause he knows I am now happily in a relationship. He sees your progress towards happiness and he is either happy to see it or hurting in some way because of it. Hi Shar, the fact he went to like a photo of yours is just his way of showing he is thinking about you and shows he is also checking your social media, so make sure you are working the Ungettable work during your No Contact. And they send him at work to another unit.

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