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In January, for instance, police in Sarasota, Florida, arrested year old Seth Smith for hosting 49 images of child pornography on his Tumblr account. A spokesperson issued the following statement:. But it appears that the company also has an epidemic of false negatives—allowing an abundance of porn to slide through on an hourly basis. When violative content is reported to us, we take action consistent with our policies, including content removal and account suspension. Design One-day deliveries are breaking our cities Co. By Sean Captain 4 minute Read.

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Nora. Age: 22.
nude pictures on tumblr

But a new upload of nude photos—one of a woman, one of a man—and a GIF of a sex act were immediately flagged though a still-image version of the GIF remained viewable.

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Cali. Age: 21.
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Unfortunately, Tumblr still struggles with child pornography, too. Events Innovation Festival The Grill. Tumblr faced a similar issue in , causing concern among advocates who wanted to foster a discussion of the issue, not simply glorify it. This article has been updated.

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