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First up I was watching spanking videos, Goddess had recommended an actress and she was perfect. As I said at the start of the month, Goddess is pushing me which means that her instructions and guidance and comments are becoming more extreme and pushing me further too. She gave me a hypno to play and a video to watch and I had to follow along with the video. Each one was better and hotter than the last. The first thing i noticed was that this triggered my ASMR so much, my head was tingling almost constantly throughout them and the second thing was how very wet they made me. She sniveled and bleated and begged and apologized and when she was verbally demeaned and broke down in tears, my heart went out to her as my brain just oozed out of my ears and I drooled in desire. Goddess told me to see which of the women I felt closest too or even if it was one of the men!

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Selah. Age: 31.
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This was a lot of fun, I took a few notes for how to flirt with men and the pre-sex videos made me so hot!

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Hannah. Age: 28.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Goddess told me to spank every time i found myself looking at a women for too long. I misread my instructions originally and thought it would be some kind of sissy hypno, but I always double check things before I get started and picked up on my error. Goddess wanted proof of course , I took some pictures in the changing rooms I was pretty nervous about getting caught doing it! Once I stepped outside, the slightly uneven nature of the footpath came to my rescue as I was more worried about falling over than anything else.

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